Emergency Pakistan Earthquake Appeal

Thousands of families, children and the elderly need your support

On the 24th September a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Pakistan.  It destroyed the life and homes of thousands of families, elderly people and children in the region. Initial reports from the ground have said that 30 people have died and almost 1500 people are injured.  But, figures are expected to rise in the next few days.

The tremors were felt far as Fasilabad, Lahore and New Deilhi.  However, the most affected areas are Azad Kashmir Jatlan Mirpur which is near Jelhum city. Hundreds of buildings, hospitals and schools have been levelled to the ground leaving thousands of people injured and trapped under rubble.  The river Jelum bank has also cracked open which has increased the risk of high flooding and further damage in the region. Already some villages are under meters of water and with river levels rising and increasing pressure on the banks this number is expected to rise in the next few days.

With the damage to communication and satellite systems and roads left torn apart from the earthquake it is incredibly challenging to reach the people most in need.  But, Zia ul Ummah Foundation have a team already on the ground.  Our experience and contacts in the region have meant that we have already begun supplying aid and support to the victims.

Your support and generosity will mean that we can provide medical supplies, food and water to those in  the communities most affected.

Pakistan Earthquake

How you can help

There are thousands of people who need your support today.  By donating to Zia ul Ummah Foundation you will be providing life saving resources to families, children and the elderly in the most affected communities.

  • Donate £25, £50 or £100 to provide emergency medication, medical treatment and bedding
  • £25 will give one family enough food for the next month
  • £50 will provide emergency shelter to those in need
  • Give water supplies to families in need
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