How will we spend the funds raised during Ramadan 2017?

In recent years, the Zia ul Ummah Foundation has been unable to take on more students due to a lack of resources, but this is all changing. With your help, we are improving the facilities at the Ghousia girls college, Bhera, as well as taking in more students.

We are also looking to extend the Ghousia College building with new classrooms alongside adding more language books to the library and computers to the main computer laboratory. Providing additional space and vital resources for the students at the school.

With all of these improvements we are planning to increase capacity of the girls college by 50%. Currently, there are a thousand girls enrolled at Bhera branch. However, in the near future, we hope this will be rise to over 1,500, giving another 500 girls a chance at getting an education.

Through your donations, we are also sponsoring a hundred students each in the Scholar and Hafiz programs.