Palestine Emergency

Gaza Emergency

Gaza is in crisis. Hospitals are requiring urgent medical supplies as the death toll continues to rise.

The escalation in violence could not have come at a worse time as the Gaza Strip is already grappling with a weak healthcare system and a lack of medical resources.

The main electricity feeder to the region has also been damaged, affecting 65% of Gaza’s water and sanitation facilities.

What we do

ZUF has mobilised its teams to provide emergency in aid in Gaza, our partners on the ground have been given us unparalleled access to Gaza to respond to the emergency.

Over the years we have provided medical aid and equipment including a fully equipped ambulance to hospitals in Gaza, we continue to provide and distribute purified water safe for human consumption through water tankers as The Messenger of Allah (saw) was once asked, “Which charity is best?” and his reply was “Providing water”. [Ibn Majah]

Our partners are on the ground in the Gaza Strip and have access to hospitals for the provision of medical supplies and emergency aid.

In addition to that we have been providing food packs to needy families and sponsorships of vulnerable children, orphans and families.

Please donate generously to help those in need in Gaza.

How You Can Help

Death toll rises to 119 including 31 children and 19 women, while 830 are wounded in Gaza, Palestine [Palestinian Ministry of Health-Gaza]

Provide an emergency food pack for just £50

Provide essential emergency aid and medicines for just £100

Give clean water to 10 families for a month