We provide free education to 30,000 underprivileged students in 200 schools

Every child has the right to education

But in Pakistan, 22.5 million children are out of school. Barely 60% of children complete their primary education and only 8% have a college or university qualification.

For underprivileged children, school’s only an option if they live near a free government school. If they don’t, they miss out on getting an education.

And for children who come from severely impoverished homes, school is a luxury they can’t afford. Instead, they go out to work so they can raise money for their family.

What we do

All our schools offer free meals and accommodation so poverty-stricken children are no longer forced into work, and so children who live in rural areas still have access to education.

Our graduates have gone on to work in banks, media organisations, councils and universities around the world.

We’ve been building and nurturing schools in this region for 94 years, showing communities that school is for everyone– no matter how much your family earns.

We know education has the power to transform lives. It’s the key to escaping poverty, and for most of our children, it’s their one real chance to achieve their dreams.

What we teach

Our qualified teachers deliver high-quality courses that cover a wide range of subjects including: English, maths, science, economics, computer science, political science, Arabic, and Mandarin.

Outside the classroom, children widen their skillset by getting involved with extra-curricular activities like sports, public speaking and poetry.

Students also study Quran and Tajweed to ensure they have the well-rounded religious and worldly knowledge they need to meet the challenges of the modern world.

Sponsor a Student

This year, over 500 students have been studying to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degrees, and across our 250 schools, 100% of students passed their exams.

But our work doesn’t end there.

For every student that graduates, another begins their journey in education, and it’s only through your donations that we’re able to give them the education they deserve.

Invest in a child’s future by gifting them an education.

Don’t wait.

DMG School Sponsorship

Our Dar-ul-Uloom Muhammadia Ghousia, Bhera, currently has 1,200 male scholars, 720 female scholars and 280 Hifz students (male & female) studying there.

It is at the forefront of spreading the true spirit and peace of Islam and its knowledge to the modern world. Thousands of graduated scholars are now playing their part for the glory and eminence of Islam throughout the world.

There is no doubt that the Dar-ul-Uloom al-Muhammadia al-Ghousiya is one of the greatest spiritual and educational institutes of this century and we need your support to continue and help us reach more people in the future.

Donate £600 a year or £50 a month to support our Dar-ul-Uloom today.

When making the donation please include the day and date that you would like to sponsor in the comments box.


Support our Dar-ul-Uloom


Support our Dar-ul-Uloom

Sponsor a Scholar

Meet Naseer

Naseer is a student at our school in Sargodha city; a school that provides free education to poverty-stricken children who live in the slums.

Naseer joined our school 10 years ago, when his family realised they couldn’t afford to pay for his college education. We were able to give him everything he needed, including accommodation, food, books and extra financial support.

Today, he’s an Arabic and business graduate, and he’s decided to continue studying business so he can achieve his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Without the Zia Ul Ummah Foundation, children like Naseer wouldn’t get the chance to fulfil their potential.