Sponsor a Scholar

What we do

Our scholar programme offers a full education scholarship. It covers the cost of college and university for aspiring male and female scholars who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We offer A-levels, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Islamic studies, including Quranic studies and Arabic.

Because we teach in English, our graduates are able to make a positive impact at a global level, and many of them have gone on to become lawyers, teachers, bankers, or academics in the US, UK, Holland and Germany, where they act as representatives of Islamic scholarship.

The scholarship also provides free accommodation and meals, as well as books, clothes, and extra financial support for students who live below the poverty line.

What we teach

Our Islamic courses cover Quran memorisation, Tajweed, Arabic, Islamic finance and Islamic law, but we also give students the option to study traditional subjects like English, maths, science, economics, computer science and political science.

Having well-rounded knowledge means our scholars are in a better position to meet the demands and challenges of the modern, globalised world.

Sponsor a Scholar

Our scholar programme is over 50 years old. We’ve nurtured hundreds of scholars who’ve dedicated their lives to making the world a better place.

This year alone, over 500 of our students completed their bachelor’s or master’s degrees, and across our 200 schools, 100% of students passed their exams. We couldn’t have done this without your support.

By sponsoring their education, you’re helping to strengthen the Islamic scholarly community, and you’re teaching young people that wealth doesn’t determine what you do or who you can become.

How You Supported Owais

Owais travelled from Nawab Shah (Sindh) to pursue his dream of achieving higher education. During our visit in Jan 2020 Owais told us that he hails from a rural area of Pakistan where access to education is poor. He decided to search for an institution which could support his dream. Due to financial difficulty, he could not afford to attend an expensive college or university, so during his search he came across ZUF institution DMG in Bhera. He enrolled himself in the FA (college) where he is aiming to complete is BA and MA to continue with his higher education. He said those who supported him will forever be in his prayers