The Rohingya Muslims in Burma face a fight for survival every day while the world seemingly looks on. Deprived, denied citizenship, beaten, murdered, raped and displaced,
the inhumanity is incalculable.

Zia ul Ummah Foundation has partnered with MH Bangladesh to launch an emergency appeal to support Rohingyan refugees. With your support we want to distribute food aid packages and temporary shelter (tents) to around 12,000 families.

Your donation will help thousands of Rohingya refugees, who are still living in a desperate condition with basic shelter, food and hygiene supplies.

Why Rohingya Needs Your Help?

An estimated of 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have migrated to Bangladesh following violence in Myanmar. The number is rising day by day, and they need your help! After fleeing to Bangladesh the overcrowded refugee camps means that families are forced to make tents out of plastic sheets besides the road with no food or water.

ZUF and our partners heard thousands of stories from the refugee families who needed our help. Ab’Dullah migrated from Rohingya with his children and grandchildren. He was a farmer in Rohingyia, but left all his belongings to project his family. With your donations, we were able to provide shelter and supplied with necessary items such as cloths, food, water and medical care. We met many similar families who still your support, please dig deep to help our Muslim brothers and sisters.