About Zakat

At Zia Ul Ummah Foundation (ZUF)

we are committed to lifting people out of poverty. We have 100% ZAKAT policy and with that we help underprivileged children secure a brighter future through high quality secular and Islamic education. Alhamdulillah, we provide FREE education to almost 30,000 students (boys & girls) across 200 schools and colleges in Pakistan. Our institutions provide children with the opportunity to memorise the Holy Qur’an and undertake religious study, alongside contemporary subjects from secondary schooling to under graduate (BSC – MA).

With your help, the ZUF team want to sponsor 1,000 more students, both boys and girls, to become scholars and Hifz of the Quran.

Our work and team have grown in the past few years to reach out to needy people. Therefore, we are also aiming to feed over 5,000 needy people. Donating to feed the poor near our schools with your fidya or kaffarah.